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    1. QH系列電動氣體增壓機(電動氮氣增壓機等)
    1. QH Series Electric Gas Supercharger (Electric Nitrogen Supercharger, etc.)
    電動氣體增壓機      2. QL1系列電動氣體增壓機
    Electric Gas Supercharger 2. QL1 Series Electric Gas Supercharger
    3. QL2系列電動氣體增壓機
    3. QL2 Series Electric Gas Supercharger
    4. 電動氣體回收增壓機(電動氮氣回收增壓機、電動臭氧回收增壓機、電動氦氣回收增壓機、電動氬氣回收增壓機等)
    4. Electric gas recovery supercharger (electric nitrogen recovery supercharger, electric ozone recovery supercharger, electric helium recovery supercharger, electric argon recovery supercharger, etc.)
    Take QH series electric gas turbochargers as an example. For other electric gas turbochargers, please visit our website.
    Scope of application:
    QH series high-pressure electro-hydraulic gas superchargers consumed by our company are widely used in various industrial and experimental equipment. The output pressure ranges from 1 to 400 MPa, the maximum flow rate is 10m/hr, the power is from 2.2KW to 30KW, and the single-stage compression can be applied to the compression and pressurization of nitrogen, helium, methane, carbon dioxide, argon, dry air and other gases.
    Equipment characteristics:
    The latest generation of high-performance electric gas supercharger adopts two-stage supercharger technology with low starting point and high supercharger pressure. It can pressurize the extremely low pressure air source to the required high pressure. It can suitably inflate all kinds of equipment, pressure vessel, cutting equipment, pressure testing equipment, accumulator, gas spring, accumulator installation and so on. The new type of supercharger adopts digital control, which has fast charging speed and accurate charging pressure.
    Tectonic composition:
    Electric gas supercharger consists of hydraulic system, control system, supercharger system and auxiliary installation.
    Electric gas supercharger is the process that low-pressure gas enters the equipment through pipeline, drives hydraulic system to generate power through motor, drives piston reciprocating motion, pressurizes low-pressure gas to high-pressure and discharges the equipment, enters the workpiece, and adopts up-down pressure valve and electric control system to stop control, so as to achieve the purpose of self-operation of the equipment.
    I. The Reasons for Smooth Oil
    1. The engine nose is short of oil and is temporarily suspended (including transportation). Suddenly oil shortage causes stuck, so temporary shutdown equipment should first add sufficient oil to the nose, and then start up.
    2. The change or addition of smooth oil is not timely and the supply of oil is insufficient. Or oil road obstruction, leakage, resulting in engine head oil shortage stuck.
    3. Too many impurities accumulate carbon and coke. Therefore, it is crucial to choose smooth oil and replace it; it is easier to have such accidents when using inferior smooth oil or overdue use. At this time, the machine head jam disposal method: must be disassembled and inspected, soaked with detergent for five hours can be restored.
    2. Rotor Reasons
    1. Causing the explosion of the rotor in direct contact. The abrasion of the main bearing results in the increase of the axial and radial channeling of the screw, which will change the clearance between the screw and the screw, between the screw and the main body shell and between the front and rear end faces. The change of clearance is normally allowed during the life of bearing, and the resulting air compressor gas production attenuation and transmission motor load increase are also normally allowed.
    2. Bearing aging, serious wear, detailed detection of bearing wear degree can be in the bearing without removal, pull the needle or ball, if you can easily dial to clarify the need for change; with the passage of the running time of the air compressor. Serious outcomes may occur. But when the bearing wear and the main engine clearance exceed the allowable limit. A scrap of iron as thick as one millimeter stuck when it went in. In particular, foreign bodies fell into the jam.
    3. Friction will occur between the internal screw and the front and rear end surfaces of the main engine, and between the screw and the main engine shell. First of all, the load of the motor increases sharply, the most serious result is screw locking and even the main engine scrap, if the motor maintenance response is not flexible or failure may cause motor burning.
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