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    沼氣增壓泵屬于低壓氣體壓縮機,適用于燃燒氣體,農村用沼氣,煮飯 炒菜 燒水 照明;用于水產養殖,具有連續不間斷供氣,氣壓穩定,傳輸距離大,能使火焰強勁有力,本產品采用了氣路,電路隔離的結構形式,氣體與電器元件不接觸,安全可靠,經久耐用.
    Gas booster pump belongs to the low-pressure gas compressor, suitable for combustion gas, rural biogas, cooking water for aquaculture, lighting; with continuous uninterrupted gas supply, stable air pressure, transmission distance, can make a powerful flame, this product uses a gas way. The structure of the electrical isolated, gas and electrical components are not contact, safe and reliable, durable.
    1. 氣密性好:從進氣到出氣口進行嚴格的氣密性檢測,不漏氣.
    1. good air tightness: strict air tightness detection from air intake to air outlet, no air leakage.
    2. 流量大,從0.3立方米/min 到90立方米/min.可以根據需要選擇不同的機型.
    2. flow is large, from 0.3 cubic meters /min to 90 cubic meter /min., different models can be selected according to the needs.
    3. 壽命長:氣路和電路嚴格分開,不會因氣體富含水氣而影響電氣壽命.
    3. long life: the gas path and the circuit are strictly separated, and the electric life will not be affected by the gas rich in gas.
    4. 維修性好:用簡單工具和配件就能自己維修.
    4. good maintainability: you can repair it with a simple tool and accessories.
    5., a reflux device is set up on the unit, which can facilitate the opening and closing of the unit. It can also make micro adjustment when the flow is large, and it can shut down the unit when the pipe pressure doesn't need pressurization, and open the reflux device, and the pipeline will connect naturally. There is no need to set up another pipeline.
    6. the pressure flow can be adjusted in a certain range.
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